Saturday, September 21, 2013

Marine Mammal Observers observing the sunset

And doing a fine job of it, too. You can also see Clint to the right
and Matt the Res Tech down on the bow. You might also notice that the
ocean is no longer the placid lake it was for most of the last week.
The picture doesn't do it justice (does it ever?), but those are ~5'
waves (I think). Not exactly the Southern Ocean, but noticeable after
so many days of calm. They make ping pong more interesting, at least.

We've been shooting a seismic survey all day, and those of us not
actively involved in seismic data acquisition (i.e., everyone but Kim)
have been busy splitting, describing, and sampling cores. It's quiet,
lazy work in an air conditioned lab, away from the sun and heat and
salt spray. In fact, until I went to watch the sunset I hadn't been
outside all day.

posted by Chris